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Avrii SOL PL4 – 100-110 kW

The PL4 series of Avrii SOL inverters is dedicated to large photovoltaic installations. Thanks to the built-in AFCI (Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter) function, it provides even greater safety for the installation
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Avrii SOL PL3 – 25-50 kW

The PL3 series inverters are the perfect solution for medium-sized solar farms and installations in larger commercial facilities. They not only provide high efficiency but also offer system design flexibility.
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Avrii SOL PL2 – 15-24 kW

For projects requiring higher power, we recommend the PL2 series inverters. They perform exceptionally well in industrial installations, commercial buildings, and small solar farms.
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Avrii SOL PL1–3-12 kW

An excellent choice for photovoltaic installations in households and small businesses. They not only provide high efficiency but also enable monitoring and optimization of energy production.
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