devices producer and distributor


devices producer and distributor
  1. 1984

    The establishment of BRUK-BET Group

  2. 2019

    The establishment of BRUK-BET PV Launch of own-brand inverter sales

  3. 2020

    Launch of own-brand PV module sales

  4. 2022

    The launch of modern photovoltaic architecture offerings

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  5. 2023

    Rebranding BRUK-BET PV – launch Avrii Introduction of N-Type cell GLASS GLASS module sales

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  6. 2024

    The launch of Avrii SOL Synergy - Innovative hybrid inverters and cost-effective energy storage

High standards of technical support

Long-standing production located in Europe

100% European manufacturer

Direct availability from the manufacturer

High quality of the offered products

A stable business partner

The Reality we TREASURE The Future we CREATE

In Avrii our daily life is shaped by the values we belive in. Firstly, it’s our commitment and partnership that guide us in building relationships among employees and business partners.

Secondly, we emphasize innovation and proactive future design, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards today and in the years to came. 

European PV Module Production - Explore the Avrii SOL Line

Join us in tracing the remarkable process of manufacturing Avrii SOL modules on production line in Poland, right in the heart of Europe.

We place special emphasis on product quality control to eliminate any micro-damages, even those invisible to the naked eye, during the production stage. We monitor the rank of our modules through a triple Electroluminescence (EL) Test and by using an advanced high-class solar symulator . We spare no effort to ensure that our Avrii SOL modules offer the highest efficiency, withstand challenging weather conditions, and exhibit exceptional design.


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