Avrii SOL Integra

Premium Parking Space for Your Car
Carport Avrii SOL Integra enhances the attractiveness of the building it is placed next to, whether it’s a real estate development, an office building, or a shopping centre. In addition to the obvious use of solar energy to reduce costs, a carport also builds a positive image and promotes investments as eco-friendly projects. Also suitable for use as a shelter for bicycles, motorcycles, or as a shield for a small pool.

Technical sheets can be downloaded from the Download section 

Flexible selection of modules and the width of the parking area

Durable structure with galvanized coating

Versatile uses of carports - hotels, autodetailing, shopping centers, sports facilities, and more

Technical documentation prepared for a given project

100% production in Europe

Full availability of structural elements and spare accessories directly from the manufacturer

Possibility of extension with additional parking spaces

Carport leg/suport designed for internal wiring, e.g., for EV charging

Additional Energy for powering the building

All mounting components
are made of stainless steel

Wind and snow resistance tests

Highly leakproof roofing of the structure

Compliance with
international standards:
EN 1090 and EN ISO 3834

EN 1090 is a standard that specifies particular requirements for the execution of load-bearing structures.  EN ISO 3834 defines the criteria that should be met in welding processes.

Possibility of extension

As a manufacturer, we ensure the flexible extension capability of the Avrii SOL Integra Carport for any number of parking spaces. By providing an EXTENSION option, we offer the ability to add two additional parking spots to an existing carport at any time during use. The products are fully compatible, ensuring tightness and durability. This solution is ideal for:

Car dealerships and detailing services

Shopping centres

Public institutions

Larger parking areas

Example dimensions

The dimensions may vary depending on the modules used in the construction.

CARPORT Avrii SOL Integra

4 CARPORTS – 8 parking spaces

Installation capacity: 27,6 kW

CARPORT Avrii SOL Integra
Car Detailing Salon

Białystok, POLAND

2 CARPORTS – 4 parking spaces

Installation capacity: 13,35 kW

CARPORT Avrii SOL Integra
Rest Home

Sobolewo, POLAND

2 CARPORTS – 4 parking spaces

Installation capacity: 9,75 kW

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