Avrii SOL Synergy
Energy Storage
from 10 kWh

Optimal Energy Management
Cost-effective energy storage enable more efficient management of resources obtained from renewable sources. The Synergy series is a straightforward solution for managing energy in smaller residential and commercial installations, characterized by high quality, standards, and an attractive price.

Technical sheets can be downloaded from the Download section 

Safe and thermally stable LFP battery system

Possibility of operation at low temperatures

Flexibility for Storage Capacity Extension

Faster installation of battery modules, without cable connections

Attractive Capacity-to-Price Ratio

Avrii SOL Synergy
Hybrid inverters and energy storage

Inspired by the idea of synergy, the product line combines advanced hybrid inverters with energy storage, creating a harmonious unity between various renewable energy sources. The name „Synergy” refers to the interaction of elements in such a way that the effect is greater than its individual parts separately. This is a perfect reflection of a series that not only effectively uses solar energy, but also integrates it with storage, creating a comprehensive system with greater value than individual components.

Avrii SOL Synergy means innovation, efficiency and full use of the potential of renewable energy.


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