Avrii SOL PV Modules
N-Power Glass-Foil

Power range
420~440 W | 470~490 W | 570~590 W | 605~625 W

  1. High-efficiency multi-busbar N-Type monocrystalline half-cells
  2. Exceptional weather resistance
  3. Higher efficiency
  4. PID resistance
  5. Linear performance warranty: 25 years product warranty & 30 years linear power warranty

Technical sheets can be downloaded from the Download section 


N-TYPE – These cells use N-type silica as the base material. “N” stands here for excess electrons. The process of manufacturing an N-TYPE cell is more complicated and requires different materials than that of a PERC cell, and at the same time it is more costly. N-TYPE cells can achieve very high efficiency and their performance is stable under a variety of sunlight conditions.

N-TYPE cells are believed to be superior to PERC cells due to their higher solar energy conversion rate and stability of operation under conditions of variable light intensity. They are used especially in advanced photovoltaic plants, where high performance and stability are of vital importance.

Avrii SOL Modules

Avrii SOL modules are 12 years of experience, testing of innovations and refining solutions. With our own know-how and the support of experts from the renowned BRUK-BET® group, we know that the photovoltaic modules we offer guarantee premium quality and timeless design. The modules are manufactured on a production line located in Poland, thus ensuring that they meet European standards. We use an independent station for cutting cells using the Thermal Stress Less method, guaranteeing the highest cutting precision. By carrying out a triple electroluminescence test (EL Test) at individual production stages, we can be sure that the products we offer are free from defects, even those not visible to the naked eye. We also verify the cells for geometry, structural damage and microcracks. In the final stage of production, we test the electrical parameters using a high-class solar simulator.

Key advantages
of Avrii SOL Modules

Modern machine park with top-tier equipment

Warranty agreement executed in Europe

Enhanced durability and longer lifespan

Long-standing production located in Europe


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